Access the AHRC-funded Italian Academies project and the British Library Italian Academies database, a collaboration between Royal Holloway University of London, the University of Reading and the British Library.
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The database files are now available online in XML format: The IAD data home page is

Listen to Dr Lisa Sampson speaking at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo’ (New York University) about actress and writer Isabella Andreini (1562-1604), and her relationship with the world of academies.



The Podcast for the 2013 Symposium at the University of Reading, is now available here

New ‘About’ Page with an Introduction to Academies and their world, and a general Bibliography of critical literature are both now available on the Italian Academies Database Page.




Before summer 2013: Literature Theatre and the Arts: One-day conference took place at the University of Reading (Monday 24 June 2013) Click HERE to see the programme. Abstracts available, look at the link.


Read about THE ITALIAN ACADEMIES Project in the news: here in Italian, and here in Portuguese (we’re big in Brazil now!), and… here… in a special magazine dedicated to Wellness.


Explore the rich world of Academies: music, geography, visual arts, oral culture (debates on love, parenthood, etc.), printed and manuscript publications, academicians’ portraits, funny names and emblems, follow us on Facebook:

‘Italian Academies Database’

Access the over 8,300 entries of the Database:

Italian Academies 1525-1700

the first intellectual networks of early modern Europe

This four-year research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (2010-14), builds upon and enhances research undertaken as an AHRC funded Resource Enhancement Project (2006-2009).

Accademia dei Riaccesi in Bologna – the motto reads Per occulta virtu’


This project involves a collaboration between three of the UK’s leading research institutions: Royal Holloway University of London; the University of Reading; the British Library.

One of the major outcomes of the project is a comprehensive database of information on Academies from across the Italian peninsula, detailing their membership and publications. This is publicly accessible through the British Library on-line catalogue at

For information on research publications, conferences and workshops, presentations and events associated with the Italian Academies project, please use the drop-down menus and follow the links.

In keeping with the project’s title, we aim through this website to develop an international network of scholars working on topics related to learned Academies. The network is intended to link scholars working across a wide range of disciplines and concerned with questions of intellectual networking and the transmission of ideas in the early modern period and beyond.

We welcome all requests for exchanges of information and will be happy to try to answer questions. Please get in touch!

September 2012, International conference: click to access Programme and podcast

Access the Database:

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