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Forthcoming Publications


Gianfrancesco, L., Accademie e Società: dibattiti, propaganda ed informazioni a Napoli nel primo Seicento / Accademie e Società. Gruppi, propaganda, dissenso e dibattiti a Napoli nel primo Seicento (Palermo: due punti, 2015).

Chapters in Books

Sampson, L., ‘Amateurs meet professionals: Theatrical Activities in late sixteenth-century Italian Academies’, in The Reinvention of Theatre in Sixteenth-Century Europe: Traditions, Texts and Performance, ed. by T. F. Earle and Catarina Fouto (Oxford: Legenda, forthcoming 2015) ISBN: 978-1-907975-76-9.

Testa, S. ‘Per una geografia delle Accademie: l’interesse per la geopolitica a Venezia (1500-1700)’, in Le virtuose adunanze. Atti del Convegno: Sperlonga, Maggio 2013, ed. Clizia Gurreri and others, Edizioni Sinestesie, forthcoming.

Testa, S., ‘“Che l’amore seguiti l’interesse”. Considerations on Giovanfrancesco Lottini’s Discorso sul Conclave’, in The Art and Language of Power in Renaissance Florence: Essays for Alison Brown, eds. Amy Bloch, Luca Boschetto, Carolyn James, and Camilla Russell (submitted to Centre for Reformation Studies, Toronto)

Journal Articles and Conference papers (published)

PhD thesis

Denman, T., Caravaggio and the noble-intellectual community of Naples, University of Reading PhD Thesis (2015).

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