Access the AHRC-funded Italian Academies project and the British Library Italian Academies database, a collaboration between Royal Holloway University of London, the University of Reading and the British Library.

Panels organized

Panels organised by the team in the context of regular conferences.

2011 (July) Early Modern Research Centre, University of Reading, International Conference,  Italian Academies Panel: chaired by Everson; papers by Reidy, Sampson and Testa.

2011 (July) Society for Italian Studies, panel on the Italian Academies, chaired by Everson; papers by Sampson, Testa and Reidy.

2012 (June) Ghent, Collaborative one-day workshop organised by Adrian Van Dixhoorn (Ghent) and Simone Testa, Literary and Performative Culture in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

2013 (April) Renaissance Society of America, San Diego.Panels 1 and 2: papers on The Italian Academies by Everson, Sampson, Testa, Denman and Reidy; Panel 3. collaborative round table with the Literary and Performative Culture project team (University of Ghent).

2013 (April) Early Modern Research Centre, University of Reading, Colloquium on ‘Academic Culture and the Culture of Academic Competitions in Early Modern Europe’,  co-organizer Lisa Sampson.


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