Access the AHRC-funded Italian Academies project and the British Library Italian Academies database, a collaboration between Royal Holloway University of London, the University of Reading and the British Library.

Project Team


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Jane Everson –  Professor Everson directed the original project and continues to direct the research team. The project is closely linked to her research interests in the History of the Book in Italy. She is responsible for the management of the project and co-ordinating the project team.

Denis Reidy – Denis Reidy shares a research interest in the History of the Book. He has been involved with the creation and the day-to day-running of the project from the outset and initiated the incorporation of digitised images in the project. He continues to liaise with colleagues in the British Library and more widely afield to publicise the research activities and attract further funding.

Lisa Sampson – Dr Sampson helped devise the current project, which links with her interest in Early Modern theatre and academies. She is responsible for supervising the PhD project student and for co-ordinating the research for the database entries for Northern Italy, besides contributing to the dissemination activities and publications.

Lorenza Gianfrancesco – Dr Lorenza Gianfrancesco has been in charge for research on Naples in the first phase of the project. Her contribution included information on newly discovered Neapolitan Academies, the publication of essays on seventeenth-century Neapolitan intellectual life and dissemination activities. She is currently in charge of research on Sicilian and Southern Italian Academies and is completing a monograph on the role of Academies in Neapolitan public life between 1590s and 1630s.

Simone  Testa Dr Simone Testa has carried out research on Bologna, Padua, and Siena in the first phase of the project. He collaborated with Mr Simon Woolf in devising the Discovery Catalogue, besides creating and updating the original informative webpage, and contributing to the dissemination activities with publications and presentations. He is currently responsible for research on Rome, Venice, and Ferrara and for updating the current informative webpage.

Thomas Denman Mr Thomas Denman is responsible for inputting into the database information regarding the academies of Mantua and other courts ruled by the Gonzaga family such as Casale Monferrato. His PhD research, however, focuses on Naples, particularly the relationship between the Accademia degli Oziosi and the history of Neapolitan art in the early seventeenth century. For this he is supervised by Lisa Sampson (see her profile above).

Access the Database from here

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